Six Area Beers To Celebrate IPA Day With

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Keep it as hoppy as it can be in the City-By-The-Sea.

IPAs are an odd aspect of the craft beer world. They’re the most popular (*cough* mainstream *cough) segment of the craft market and it’s pretty much a cliche that anyone launching a new brewery has to start with an IPA as their flagship beer.

So naturally, if a style of beer was going to be celebrated with its own day, it was going to be Imperial Pale Ale.

Here we are, on the 5th annual IPA Day.

Let me just state that there’s not going to be much ground-breaking info for RI’s craft beer snobs in this post. These are all going to be beers that they’ve had. Hell, these are beers that they buy by the case (if they’re available in such quantities.)

Likewise, if you’re a bar owner or manager, good luck getting them on draft. They are available, occasionally…but they’re often allocated, so if you want to have them at your place, you may have your work cut out for you.

If you’re new to craft beer and have just realize that your body has a hop deficiency, these will provide the cure.

1. Grey Sail Captain’s Daughter Double IPA


This beer is, simply put, Lil’ Rhody’s Heady Topper or Pliny the Elder. Light, hoppy, rare, in high-demand…but, amazingly, it lives up to the hype.

This beer has pretty much single-handedly placed Rhode Island craft brewing on the national map and given local beer connoisseurs something to barter with when they’re in the grey-market world of beer trading.

It’s currently on tap at Pour Judgement.

2. Maine Beer Lunch IPA


Maine Beer Company is a growing force in New England brewing. Most of their beers are on the lighter side (true pale ales and the like), but they do put an amazing amount of effort into creating extremely balanced beers that have you not minding that you’re paying $8 for a 16oz bottle…at a liquor store.

Lunch is by far their most famous and the most seeked out of their selection…because the brewery-only release of the Dinner Imperial IPA makes it next to impossible to find for people who don’t have good excuses to be in Maine.

No, we have no idea where you can find any at this date…though we know there’s a big Maine Beer drop coming.

3. Grey Sail Pour Judgement IPA


In many ways, this is the Captain’s Daughter’s little brother…even though it’s been around longer. First introduced at Pour Judgement Bar & Grill in March of 2013, this beer has evolved over numerous batches into one of Rhode Island’s best brews. It has spent most of its life on draft-only, but once it arrived in cans at liquor stores across Rhode Island, it has found a whole new following.

This beer can be found at Bridge Liquors and all good RI liquors.

Oddly enough, it’s also a permanent fixture on PJ’s tap tower.

4. Foolproof King of the Yahd Imperial IPA

Originally available in bombers and now in can 4-packs, Foolproof’s Imperial IPA combines American and Kiwi (that’s New Zealand for those of you who don’t spend any time at the Newport Shipyard) hops.

Hit up Bridge Liquors and most RI liquors stores to get it in the can.

5. Revival Conga Imperial IPA

revival conga ipa

This is a massive beer. Like the elephant it’s named after, it’s 120 IBUs are fully capable of stomping your taste buds into flat little nothings, while its 10.5% ABV will do the same to your brain cells. It’s currently available on draft-only…but the design for its 4-pack holder was recently “leaked” by Sean Larkin, meaning that the hop rampage that is Conga will be a lot more available soon.

6. Clown Shoes Space Cake Double IPA


Space Cake is New England’s Enjoy By IPA. Unlike Stone’s big, dank double IPA, this one is brewed for Clown Shoes at Ipswich Brewing on a consistent basis, so it’s a lot more available. The label is an amazingly bizarre image of a boy and his dog…in space, while cupcakes shoot lasers at them.

It’s available at great prices at RI liquor stores. We know it’s available in bombers at Caleb & Broad…and word on the street is that it’s on draft at The Wharf Pub.

Drink Up!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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