Back To The…Past? Salve Bans Hoverboards

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Newport’s Salve Regina University nixes 2015’s hottest toy on battery fears.

It might be hard to remember, but before 2015 went on a 100% Star Wars binge, it was, just a couple months back, on a 100% Back To The Future binge. People wanted all of the inventions they saw in Back To The Future II’s 2015, demanding flying cars, self-lacing sneakers…and hoverboards.

As it does, the market did its best to deliver to that demand. The flying car thing didn’t really pan out, but Nike delivered on the self-lacing sneakers and there were a few attempts at making real hoverboards which met with some mixed success.

Then someone decided to designate a…well…let’s call it a handlebar-less Segway…”The Hoverboard” and, given that it was better than nothing, we as a society let them run with it, despite the distinct lack of “hovering”.

hoverboard real

As best as we can tell from our vantage point on the Interwebs, these things have been selling like hotcakes. Unfortunately, they’ve been running with that “hot” theme and bursting into flames, leading to numerous airlines banning them in recent days.

Now the Providence Journal reports that The Newport Daily News reports that Salve Regina has instituted its own ban of the devices.

A private Rhode Island university has banned hoverboards on campus after federal officials announced a safety investigation amid reports that the self-balancing scooters are exploding.

The Newport Daily News reports Michael Caruolo, the director of safety and security at Salve Regina University, issued an order Monday banning hoverboards in dorms, academic buildings and elsewhere.

In case there’s any confusion “in dorms, academic buildings and elsewhere” translates to “on campus”.

The boards’ lithium-ion batteries are thought to be to blame for the fire hazard.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Toy Correspondent

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