Bad News If You’re Thinking Of Going To The Newport Craft Beer Fest

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If you haven’t ordered craft beer festival tickets yet, you’re very close to being SOL.

The Newport Craft Beer Festival is being held on April 29 & 30. The event on Friday, April 29, the VIB (Very Important Beer) Session sold out about a week after tickets went on sale. Now the Festival has announced that options have just gotten more limited.

On Saturday, April 30, there are two sessions. The first session is from noon-3pm. If that’s the one you’ve been wanting to go to, then hopefully you got your tickets already because the event organizers had a big announcement today.

newport craft beer festival sold out



[As of 4:38pm the Newport Craft Beer Festival is completely sold out]

This means that the only tickets left are for the second session (4-7pm). An hour before this post was written, there were just 40 [UPDATE: 10] left. Order them ASAP!

Newport Craft Beer Fest Session 2 Ticket

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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