BREAKING!!! Baileys Beach Club To Buy Rejects Beach!

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Big changes coming to Newport locals’ favorite beach.

Better start thinking about which beach you want to purchase a parking sticker for this summer, because your options, especially of the free variety, just got a whole lot slimmer. Rumor has it that “The Spouting Rock Beach Association will be purchasing the public land to the east, extending all the way to the beginning of the Cliff Walk.” Or to put it in easier to understand terms, Baileys Beach Club will be buying locals’ beloved “Rejects’ Beach, as early as this May.

Take a good look because this view is about to be “Members Only”.

rejects beach

Let that sink in for a moment.

Ok, now join me in a chorus of WTF, WTF, WTF!!!!!!!!!!

I received this information from a lawyer close with the transaction, who will of course remain anonymous, he said the deal is already close to being done, and that the public was definitely kept out of the loop on purpose. The plan is to keep the current path to the Cliff Walk intact, but to erect a wall adjacent to the path about twelve feet high to “save members’ eyes from having to gaze upon the riff-raff and tourists”.

The move was brought about by demand from the members who, as the eastern side has grown in popularity over the years, are “tired of watching the less fortunate while they are just trying to enjoy a day at the beach.” The beach will no longer be accessible to anyone but members, and the wall will allow for complete privacy on the exclusive Bailey’s Beach Club, but will also block out an amazing, and beautiful view of the coast.

Find out what you can do to try to stop this travesty…

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