This List Of Banned Bar Patrons Is…Extensive

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It usually takes a lot to get a banned from a bar…but at this pub, but a lot of people managed it.

Generally, the amount of misbehavior it takes to get booted from a bar varies from establishment to establishment. If you’re in a spot that caters to high-end clientele it can be pretty easy to cross that line, especially if you’re not that high-end yourself. If it’s a neighborhood bar, you really have to be a jerk or perhaps puke all over the bartender.

The thing is, most of the time, if you give it a day, you’ll be welcome back the next day. After all, not many bars take an avid interest in reducing the number of their customers.

Barred from the bar.

There are people who just aren’t worth it. Customers who constantly drive other customers away. Patrons who make the staff’s day a living hell. People who are violent or have drug problems…or are just plain creepy.

Anyhow, someone just posted one bar’s list of banned patrons to Twitter. It’s quite long and a reads like the cast of a Guy Ritchie movie.
Bar banned list

We’re trying to think of Newport bars that might have this many banned clientele but can’t think of any. Our city just isn’t large enough to have that many bad actors at a given time…or the people who getting kicked out of places aren’t from around here, so don’t get themselves into enough trouble to get themselves banned.

That said, we have to wonder if “That Blonde Bitch” is the same one we know here. Most of the┬árest have to be translated from English to English, because “chavvy” isn’t a term that gets much use on this side of the pond.

Now everyone make sure to behave yourselves and don’t get your names on an bar lists this weekend.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Bar Correspondent

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