Bartenders Discuss What It’s Like To Watch A Tinder Date (Video)

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They love watching your awkward attempts to find love.

We love bartenders, we really do, but we have to admit that they tend to be among the most sadistic people watchers on the planet. In case you haven’t noticed, most of the televisions at a bar are behind the bartenders. You’ve probably convinced yourself that this is so that they will pay attention to you, the customer. Nope, sorry. That is incorrect.

The TVs are there to keep you entertained long enough for the alcohol to kick in. After that, you’re providing entertainment for the bartenders.

Especially if you’re on a date.

Especially if you met that date on Tinder.

We could have asked local bartenders to comment on this story, but we figured they wouldn’t dare risk missing out on what are the juiciest, trashiest aspects of reality TV playing out right in front of them. It’s still winter, so all of Newport is basically on a first name basis. Once industry staff can say “Couple comes in from New York…never seen them before…” then get a little more talkative, just like the New York bartenders in the video above.

Now, there is always that paradox about where you meet a date. If you meet them at a spot where you know the staff, they’ll have a hell of a time snickering to themselves about it…but they’ll keep the gossip in house(though you’ll probably catch some ball-busting afterwards). If you have a disaster of a date at a spot where no one cares about you, word might will probably spread even faster.

That said, good luck out there.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Romance Correspondent

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