Battle Chefs Has Returned To The Revolving Door (Video)

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The fourth season of Rhode Island’s chef competition kicks off by pitting a Johnson & Wales instructor against Bristol Oyster Bar.

Battle Chefs flared up again this past Tuesday and will do so again for the next six weeks, until a new champion is declared on April 19th.

Tuesday featured Chef Neath Pal, who is currently an instructor at Johnson & Wales University in a clash with Chef Adi Mandel, the chef of Bristol Oyster Bar.

For those of you who don’t know what the Bristol Oyster Bar is, it’s located at 488 Hope Street in…you guessed it, Bristol, Rhode Island.

Chef Adi Mandel worked at Providence’s 10 Prime Steak And Sushi and a restaurant familiar to everyone in Newport, The Mooring, before settling into his role as Executive Chef at the Bristol Oyster Bar.

bristol oyster bar

For those of you who don’t know what Johnson & Wales University is…well, they make chefs there. For those of you who do, you might remember that Chef Neath Pal is not the first of their staff to compete in Battle Chefs.

Chef Pal studied at the LaVarenne cooking school in France before working in several Parisian restaurants. He then returned to Rhode Island to open Neath’s New American Bistro, which blended French and Asian cuisine. In 2008 he closed the restaurant to become a Johnson & Wales instructor, a position which allows him to spend more time with his family…and preparing for Battle Chefs.

The Fight

The secret ingredients of the fight were:

Foie Gras, Squid, Dried Apricots, Pacaya

While the other three are pretty well known in the culinary community, no one seemed to know what pacaya (in brine) is.


Fortunately, we, unlike Chefs Mandel and Pal, have the Internet, so we can tell you that pacaya is…

A pacaya vegetable is the flower of tepejilote palm, or date palm, and is a common ingredient in Guatemalan and Salvadorian cuisine, which is where the palm is primarily grown. Pacayas are used in a variety of ways, but the most popular way of serving them is fried. The vegetable itself is usually considered bitter-tasting, but some flowers can be quite sweet.

An Anomaly

Something happened at the end of this fight which we’ve never seen before, especially since the cooking sequence was cut from 45 to 30 minutes. BOTH chefs were done with close to two minutes to spare. Both dishes were fully plated and ready for presentation. That never happens. One chef might finish with 30 seconds to spare, but we haven’t seen someone finish with a minute and a half, so for both chefs to bang out both of their dishes is a credit to them both.

The Winner?


Just watch the video. If need be, just cut to the end.

Battle Chefs Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the Preliminary round of Battle Chefs:

3/1 Neath Pal (JWU Instructor)
vs. Adi Mandel (Bristol Oyster Bar)

3/8 Ashirwad Elhence (Blaze)
vs. Joseph Dumas (Salvation Cafe)

3/15 George Perez (White Horse)
vs. Steve Lucier (Boru Noodle Bar)

3/22 Timothy Hunold (Revolving Door Guest Chef)
vs. Derrick Marquiss (Stoneacre Pantry)

So we…and the whole staff of The Revolving Door hope to see you next Tuesday!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Culinary Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?