Battle Chefs: Midtown’s Mitch Vs Chopped Champ Marcellus (Video)

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James Mitchell faces Marcellus Coleman in the semifinals of Newport, RI’s premiere cooking competition.

As the Battle Chefs tournament goes on, it’s very impressive to see how the chefs act the further along they get. In the first round, most of the contestants are competent, but not “cool”. After all, most chefs don’t have to cook in front of an audience…in a kitchen that isn’t their own…with ingredients they’ve never worked with before.

However, it doesn’t take long for the contestants selected for Battle Chefs to become accustomed to their new¬†arena, which speaks well to their level of competence. While in most tournaments, the players’ nerves get more and more frayed, in Battle Chefs, everyone gets more and more chill.

There are two things that you can do to that will likely ensure a win. The first is to spend a few more years in the kitchen than your competition. Preferably a decade (or two). This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The format of the competition gives experience a preference, because Battle Chefs is more about making exotic ingredients palatable than it is about doing out-of-the-box thinking with normal food. So typically, more experience means more time working with more ingredients, which means that Albert Bouchard’s bizarre secret ingredients will send you for less of a loop.

The second factor that every chef who competes knows is that in order to win, you have to win the coin toss. so you can get the central station. It means you can prep and cook in the same space, saving valuable time that your opponent is spending having to run around you (literally).

So, these are the two biggest factors that take chefs to victory on Tuesday nights at the Revolving Door.

Although…well, the sample size is pretty small. There have only been 24 chefs who have competed and half of those did so just one time.

So…will Mitch’s experience take him to victory? Or will Marcellus Coleman being a hotshot chef who’s already gone on to victory in a real full-on Food Network cooking competition trump everything?

Watch the video above to find out.

The final round is Tuesday, December 29th. Doors open at 8pm. Order your tickets here.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Culinary Correspondent

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