Battle Chefs: Redemption Has Begun (Video)

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Week 1 featured a contest between Tim Sousa and Marcellus Coleman and some “unconventional” fish n’ chips ingredients.

This season of Battle Chefs at the Revolving Door is a bit different. They’re bringing back previous champions, runners-up and contestants and letting them have another go at it, which will make for some interesting culinary fights.

After all, these guys are past the learning curve. They’re all proven commodities. They know how to keep MC/Drill Instructor Kevin Gaudreau out of their head (for the most part).  They know they can successfully create a plated dish with the most bizarre ingredients in 30 minutes time.

This time it’s about getting that final win that they were denied in the rounds that they competed…or, alternatively, maintaining their title and taking on some fellow champions to become literally, Newport’s best of the best.

Tim Sousa and Marcellus Coleman are more in the redemption category. Marcellus was already a Chopped champion when he competed and suddenly had to settle for second place. Meanwhile, Chef Tim Sousa is always ready to throw down in the kitchen.

The contestants this season are fighting for more than their pride, however. The Revolving Door has always donated a large percentage of the Battle Chefs price of admission to charity, but this season, it’s a cause that hits closer to home. Last year, the champion of the very first season of Battle Chefs, a great up-and-coming talent on the Newport scene, Tim McGrath, died suddenly, leaving a very young family. This season is dedicated to making a sizeable contribution to a college fund for his children. In addition to the usual ticket sales, chefs are helping raise funds by offering up their talents for the winners of raffles held at the event.

There are six more weeks of action (including tonight), so head on down to the Revolving Door Restaurant and get yourself some tickets to the fights.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Culinary Combat Correspondent

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