Battle Chefs Semi-Finals: Kai Bar Vs The Mooring

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Chefs Derrick Marquiss and Kyle Stamps have a knife fight featuring whole rabbits, turkey necks and coffee beans.

This was a Battle Chefs round for the ages. Returning Champion Derrick Marquiss of East Greenwich’s Kai Bar had won two weeks prior and Kyle Stamps of The Mooring had won the week before, so both of these contestants had a lot of momentum coming into the night.

Brian Ruffner stepped into Kevin Gaudreau’s shoes, as the event’s normal host was in southern California, working on his tan.

The Secret Ingredients

Rabbits, turkey necks and coffee beans are hardly the most exotic ingredients we’ve seen at a Battle Chefs event. To the lay person they might even appear a bit boring. However, for a chef with 30 minutes to make a meal, whole rabbits are an incredible challenge. Then again, Derrick Marquiss makes it look easy as he butchered not only his own rabbits, but Stamps’ as well, in a moment of kitchen chivalry.

The Fight

Derrick Marquiss is always a pleasure to watch in the kitchen…especially in chef competitions. Like a chess grandmaster, he’s thinking a dozen steps ahead…but he telegraphs his mental processes in his body language. Kyle Stamps, on the other hand, is more subtle about broadcasting his expertise. Possibly because he he lives up to his nickname “Big Country”.

Likewise, they also tend to split as far as approaches to cooking go too. Marquiss starts of crazy right from the beginning, typically utilizing techniques not used by anyone else, before pulling it all together in the seconds before time runs out. Kyle Stamps typically takes a more conventional approach, but one that he continuously builds on until he’s created something amazing.

A Surprise Guest

Because of the way things roll at The Revolving Door, while the chefs were awaiting the judges to tally their votes, the owner of a French winery stepped forward to announce that he wished to offer some of his champagne to the contestants.

The Winner

You can catch the winner being announced at the end of the video above. The winner of this fight and the winner of the Battle Chefs round tonight will face off in the finale May 2nd.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Culinary Combat Correspondent

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