Beautiful Display Of Diversity As Multi-Racial State Police Arrest Boston Protesters

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Massachusetts group finds unique way to increase support for police brutality, vehicular homicide.

A rag-tag bunch of white SJWs with the Boston chapter of “Black Lives Matter” blocked traffic on I-93 in Medford and Milton this morning by handcuffing themselves to concrete-filled barrels in the middle of the highway. As intended, it backed up traffic for hours, making life hell for Massachusetts commuters (and a few ambulances).

If anyone you know was trapped in this traffic nightmare, you probably know, because as best as we can tell, they all took to social media to express their absolute hatred for the individuals involved in this “protest”. There were more than a few who expressed a wish to have been in the front row of traffic when the hippies set this thing up, so they could have left their cruise control on.

The beauty of the situation is that a group protesting police brutality was treated gently by the Massachusetts State Police while members of every creed and color were calling for their blood. We believe this is known in political movement circles as an “absolute fail”.

The tone-deafness of the group was further revealed by their statements.

The Boston contingent of Black Lives Matter said in a statement that the protest was intended “to confront white complacency in the systemic oppression of black people in Boston.”

“Today, our nonviolent direct action is meant to expose the reality that Boston is a city where white commuters and students use the city and leave, while black and brown communities are targeted by police, exploited, and displaced,” protester Katie Seitz said in a statement.

We’re not sure exactly which Boston Ms. Seitz is talking about, because as best as we can tell, most people who commute into the city do so because they aren’t making the $100k a year needed to actually rent a place in town. Furthermore, it’s not as though being white suddenly gives a person power over police behavior, especially in communities where they don’t live (or vote).

Now, if these folks woke up this morning and thought “How can we take the title of ‘Most Hated People in Massachusetts’ away from F & R Auto Sales?” then our hats are off to them. If they were looking to confirm stereotypes about white guys with dreadlocks, then they also achieved their mission. If they wanted to draw the wrath of the Barstool boys…

…job well done.

And if they wanted to arouse this guys curiosity…

…then they really hit it out of the park.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Traffic Correspondent

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