Millions Of Beer Snobs Woke Up To Discover They Hate America

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Craft beer geeks just learned that their most despised enemy has changed its name.

Craft beer snobs hate Budweiser. That is a simple reality of craft beer culture. The percentage of craft beer enthusiasts who regularly enjoy Bud is akin to the number of African-Americans who voted for Romney. Listening to beer geeks talk about Budweiser is akin to listening to Ferrari owners describe their experience in a rental Chevy Cobalt.

Why Craft Beer Drinkers Hate Budweiser

To make matters worse, Anheuser-Busch has been actively subverting the craft beer movement from all angles. Craft breweries looking to have archaic regulations removed so they can sell their beer on-premise from their breweries, self-distribute and so on find Budweiser actively opposing them. When it comes to shelf space at supermarkets, they find Budweiser using its market strength to pin them to the floor. And then, when a brewery is successful, Anheuser-Busch (or as it’s been going by for the last couple years after being purchased by the Belgians, Inbev AB) will buy them out…and then spend millions to bash them in a Super Bowl ad.

Now, all of those actions make a lot of sense for a large company that finds its market share shrinking within a market segment that is itself shrinking. That said, just because decisions are rational doesn’t mean that they won’t result in a whole lot of ill-will.

So last night, millions of completely patriotic craft beer lovers went to sleep comfortable their love of country and in their hatred of Budweiser.

They woke up to this…

In an apparent bid to make an Onion headline…or perhaps to seize the territory first before Coca-Cola or McDonald’s made a similar move, Budweiser has renamed itself “America” through the November election.

To reiterate: Budweiser has changed it’s name to AMERICA to tie itself to a popularity contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


As marketing approaches go, perhaps Budweiser is just following the surprisingly successful Trump example, where saying irritating, stupid and/or offensive things is the key to free news exposure.

Then again, with memes like this already popping up, how much of a net positive can it be?

Puke up some America Budweiser

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast America Correspondent

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