Is This The Best Drone Video Of Newport, RI Ever?

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Newport is no stranger to drone videos, but this one demonstrates some real talent.


It’s been a couple years since drones really “took off”. In that time, the technology of the drones and their on-board cameras, as well as the piloting and cinematography skills of their operators have increased greatly. Newport is a mecca for all sorts of photography, so it’s little surprise we’ve seen so much of the remotely-operated, airborne variety.

Part of the reason Newport is photographed so much is that it’s so photogenic, it’s easy to take good photos, especially given today’s advanced camera technology, be it in one’s smartphone or in an actual dedicated camera. That said, when someone displays some real talent, it can really blow the rest of the field away.

Blue Mantle Media

Holly and Matt Coakley of Blue Mantle Media are a team with that kind of talent. They are travelling all over the country with their daughter and their drones, capturing cities like they’ve never been seen before. Newport is their 11th stop.

What makes this video stand out is the off-centered shots. Using the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal on a DJI Phantom 2 drone, the camera is trained at a fixed point (such as the Castle Hill light) while the drone circles…and then editing that shot so it merges with a second circling shot. That’s what you can do with a good eye and some experience both shooting and back with the editing suite.

Anyhow, this video is a great way to appreciate Newport’s beauty is ways you may not have perceived before. Just think that less than a decade ago, capturing these shots would have required hiring an actual helicopter at a rate that would probably cost as much as a drone per hour. Technology is changing and Newport is the beneficiary.

We can say BRAVO to the Coakleys for capturing the city as they have done. Hopefully our local drone hobbyists can take some pointers and run with them.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Airborne Correspondent

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