Best Of The Blast: Aug 2-8

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Last week, the Internet gave Bob Dylan a bed, we learned how dangerous Whaler’s Bourbon Stout is…and it sucked to be the Barrington Police Department.

We’d like to remind everyone that if you live in Newport and have friends who don’t, now’s the time to invite them down so they can witness the amazing life you live here. Likewise, for those of you who don’t live in town but have friends who do, you’re going to want to pester them for some couch space.

Alternatively, if you’re a man of wealth and taste, you can try to book a hotel room. Or have your assistant do it.


Here are the biggest posts of last week:

10. There Are Four Things Gronk And Big Papi Love

9. There Is A GoFundMe To Buy Bob Dylan A Bed

8. The Ultimate PDA Stopper (Video)

7. Whaler’s May Have Just Released RI’s Most Dangerous Craft Beer

6. You’re Going To Want To Add This To Your Summer Bucket List

5. Dude Goes Surfing Off Tahiti…On A Dirt Bike

4. Science Discovers Newest, Best Hangover Cure

3. Meanwhile, In Barrington…

2. Your MISSION Is To Help Newport Beat San Francisco By Midnight

…and the biggest post of the week?

1. Fight Fire With Fire: Pats Fan Hires His Own Aerial Banner

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