Best Of The Blast: Aug 30 – Sept 5

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Last week, we learned that Newport is one of the world’s most unfriendly cities, the Cliff Walk has a hater and which state’s drivers are THE WORST.

Here we are, it’s Labor Day weekend…and looking back on the past week, it seems like Newport is getting a bit more…interesting. As we’re wrapping up another amazing summer season, we’re learning that not everyone who visits Newport falls in love with the city.

Of course, those who are most disappointed seem to have the oddest expectations…like color-changing rocks and now, probably after our suggestion, dragons.

10. White Horse Tavern Vs Jamestown FiSH: The Winner Is…

9. Our Five Favorite Newport, RI Burgers

8. Who Actually Has The Worst Drivers: MA or CT or RI?

7. Sunbather On Top Of Portsmouth Wind Turbine Becomes World-Famous

6. The Challenge Of Giving Away A Massive Yacht (Video)

5. Why Rhode Island Was Once Called “Rogue’s Island” (Video)

4. List Of Cities With The Most Attractive Women Includes One RI Town

3. Someone Visited Newport’s Cliff Walk And Was NOT Impressed

2. Looking To Get Married In Newport County? There’s A New Venue Available

…and the biggest story of the week?

1. Why Newport Is So Unfriendly: Our Scapegoats

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