Best Of The Blast: December 13-26

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This holiday season…our readers were reading a lot of stories that weren’t Christmas-related.

Perhaps it was all the 60°+ days leading up to and through Christmas, but this year it felt like Santa was showing up in the middle of April. Typically, this it the time of year when Rhode Islanders are complaining about the weather, while our ex-pats in California and Florida post pics of Christmas Day at the beach.

This year, though, the temperatures switched and it was warmer in Newport than it was in LA. Now, with colder temps returning and a snowstorm on the way, things seem to have returned to where they’re supposed to be.

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and the top story(still) is…

Gronk Texting Edelman A Happy Hanukkah Is Holiday Magic

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?