Best Of The Blast: December 14-20

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Last week Tom Brady swore, another Grinchess stole a wreath and we gave you some last-minute gift ideas. Merry Christmas!

Also, we learned of a once-every-18.6-years event happening at the Newport Tower. There’s three more shopping days left before Christmas, so try to get that done ASAP. If you’re run out of ideas, stop by Bridge Liquors and ask the friendly staff there for some great gift advice (or simply get a gift card).

Here’s how the top posts of last week stacked up.

10.Range Rover-Driving Grinchess Caught Stealing Wreaths (Video)

9. Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong

8. Guess What State Doesn’t Want You “Jerking” When You Drive

7. Why You Should Let Me Touch Your Butt: The Powerpoint Presentation

6. Oh ****! Tom Brady The Subject Of ****ing FCC Complaints

5. Westerly Grinchess Caught Stealing Wreath On Camera

4. Weather Alert: Try Not To Die Out There

3. 10 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts That Look Super Thoughtful (But Are Actually Effortless)

2. The Single Guy’s Survival Guide: Your Restaurant’s Christmas Party

…and the biggest post of the week:

1. What’s Going To Happen To The Newport Tower On January 4th?
Parlor New Years Eve

Call for Reservations


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