Best Of The Blast: December 21-27

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Santa has come and gone; now onto the New Year!

It’s not Christmas without some yuletide romance (or at least some yuletide sex). Many young people spent the last week watching their Facebook feed turn into a neverending catalog of engagement rings. Fortunately, for those of you who are just weighing the benefits of keeping someone around to share some body heat with, we found an antidote. And don’t forget to stop by the Newport Tower on January 4th…

Here’s the Top 10 posts of the week:

10. The Single Guy’s Survival Guide: Your Restaurant’s Christmas Party

9. What Did SNL Just Do To This Classic Scene From ‘Love Actually’?

8. 10 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts That Look Super Thoughtful (But Are Actually Effortless)

7. The Pros And Cons Of A Winter Cling

6. The Ugliest Sweaters of 2014

5. Watch ‘The Interview’ RIGHT NOW

4. Looking For A Little Holiday Romance? Try Vandalism (Video)

3. Speed Dating In Newport

2. An Amazing Method To Feel Better About All Your Friends Getting Engaged

…and the top post of the week (again!)

1. What’s Going To Happen To The Newport Tower On January 4th?


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