Best Of The Blast: December 7-13

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Last week, drunks failed, boyfriends proposed and a raccoon terrorized Broadway.

Well, the rain has passed and we’re done with our first winter storm. It was, all in all, a wet and grey affair which did nothing for any of you suffering from seasonal affective disorder. If you enjoy people suffering due to their own poor judgement, it was overall a good week, though we have to admit that a few did manage to escape what might have been coming to them.

‘Tis the season of Christmas parties, so let any “mistakes” you make be that of love and not of a career or legal basis.

10. If You’re Drunk Enough To Lock Yourself In The Bathroom…STAY THERE

9. Guess What State Doesn’t Want You “Jerking” When You Drive

8. If You’re Going To Propose At Christmas, This Is How You Do It!

7. When Hitting The McDonalds Drive-Thru Goes Wrong (Video)

6. The Most Important Mathematic Concept You Can Learn In Newport

5. Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong

4. Tiverton Mail Thieves: One Solution

3. Newport Flood Warning – Are You Prepared For Winter Storm Damon?

2. Why You Don’t Play With Raccoons On Broadway

And the top post of the week..

1. Range Rover-Driving Grinchess Caught Stealing Wreaths (Video)


Though the biggest news of the week? Parlor announced their New Years Eve Party…

Parlor New Years Eve

Call for Reservations


-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Countdown Correspondent

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