Best Of The Blast: Feb 22-March 7

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The last Best of the Blast before Parade Day!

If there are two things that have been on everyone’s minds for the last month and a half it has been “cold” and “snow”. Fortunately, if scientific predictions are correct, this winter may actually end.

Anyhow, regardless of whether winter is going to end, we’re still going to have a parade on March 14th…and traffic has reflected this.

(We slacked last week and never got around to the Best of the Blast post, so here’s the top ten posts for the last two weeks.)

10. Should Snowmen Be Banned From Parade Day?

9. Why Newport’s 2015 Parade Day Will Be Like None Other For 400 Years

8. Aaron Hernandez Trial: Live Footage

7. According To Yahoo, The Coolest Spot In Rhode Island Is…

6. What Your First Drink On Parade Day Says About You

5. Six Things That New Englanders Now Consider “Good News”

4. American Superlatives: Each State Has It’s Highest Per-Capita Something

3. Craigslist Ad Reveals The Horrors Of Hot Yoga

2. Aquidneck Island: The Photo Journal Of A Winter Wonderland

And the top post is…

1. Westport Dealership Learns That It Can Be Illegal To Be An As**ole

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