Best Of The Blast: February 15-21

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Snow, snow, cold, cold…and chicken wings.

It’s been yet another rough week of ridiculous winter weather,  which we have to admit is giving us a case of writer’s block…because there’s only so much one can do when the only thing you can think of is “Cold and grey” and we’ve already done those jokes. Fortunately, despite any supernatural abilities that one might attribute to this particular winter, it is going to end. Parade day is coming.

10. One Newport Beer Is Going Canning

9. Mad Libs – Winter In New England Edition

8. The Cold Snap Drinking Game

7. Boston Protesters Discover Dishing It Out Is A Lot Easier Than Taking It

6. 5 Worst Places To Have A Threesome In Newport, RI

5. When It Comes To Wings, The Rhode Show Uses Pour Judgement

4. Winter Weather Closings For Rhode Island And Southern Massachusetts

3. And The Winner Of The Fifth Annual Chicken Wing Cook-Off Is…

…and for the first time ever: A TIE for #1.

1. Six Things That New Englanders Now Consider “Good News”

1. Why Newport’s 2015 Parade Day Will Be Like None Other For 400 Years

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