Best Of The Blast: July 26-Aug 1

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Last week, a Newport burger spot was entered in an national competition, we found out exactly how expensive our hotel rooms are and Waterfest popped up on the radar.

Is it August already? It always sneaks up on us. There everyone is, enjoying the whole summer bit, then you look at a calendar (or more likely your phone) and realize that it’s August and, depending where you work, you only have 30 days to squirrel away enough nuts for the winter.

That said, there’s still a lot of summer to be had, especially on the water. There’s Waterfest coming up in two weeks on August 15th.

Anyhow, here were out top posts of the week:

10. The Best Way To Celebrate Jerry Garcia’s Birthday In Newport, RI

9. It’s Newport Vs Memphis In The Second Round Of America’s Best Burger

8. Newport Uber Drivers Probably Have A Reprieve…For Now

7. This E-Mail From A Woman’s Co-Worker Is Just A Little Creepy

6. We Need Your Help To Make A Newport Burger The Best In The Country

5. Waterfest Is Coming!!!

4. The Perfect Response To Jets Fans’ Aerial Banner

3. Expensive Summer Destinations: Where Does Newport Rank?

2. Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting A Tip

…and the biggest post of the week…AGAIN…

1. Newport Uber Drivers Face Arrest If They Pick Up Customers


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