Best of The Blast: July 5-11

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Last week, Newport was noted for its wine and its coffee, while we lost a beach, a friend…and a beard.

It’s getting hot, which means everyone is heading to the beaches (when they aren’t exploding). Of course, if you’re such a hipster that you do the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing, you’re probably hanging out at a coffee shop instead…with all the other hipsters, which is fine…if you appreciate the irony.

Lower Broadway has parking again…though if you’re reading this now, all the spots are already taken.

Anyhow, here’s last week’s top ten…

10. Tonight, Parlor Keeps It Real

9. The Newport, RI 4th Of July Fireworks…From Out On The Harbor (Video)

8. Pour Judgement Gets The Bride Maker

7. A Local Reminder Of Why “Heroin Dealer” Might Not Be The Career For You

6. It’s Time For One Of The HAIRIEST Charity Events In Newport

5. RIP Peter Booth

4. The Best Place To Day Drink In Newport, RI…

3. Two Newport Coffee Shops Named Rhode Island’s Hippest

2. Farewell to Newport’s Fourth Beach

…and the biggest post of the week?

1. 6 Local Restaurants Honored By Wine Spectator Magazine

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