Best Of The Blast: May 24-30

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Buzzing the Mansions, Newport, RI’s Best Wedding Proposal And Aquidneck Island’s Amazing Lobster Roll Game!

Travel websites keep saying such wonderful things about Newport, so the city has that going for it.  Rhode Island, on the other hand, made international news for all the wrong reasons this week, so everyone’s got a condom mandate for the next year or something. Us? Well, we spent the week on our couch, but we’re feeling much better.

Anyway, here’s the top 10 posts of last week…

10. Five Awesome Ways To Get Terrible Yelp Reviews

9. Flying Over Newport In A…Trike?

8. Men’s Journal’s Top 20 Imperial IPAs Includes One Brewed Right Here In Rhode Island

7. There Is One Drink That Everyone Needs To Try This Summer

6. Our Five Favorite Newport, RI Burgers

5. Where Are Rhode Islanders Moving To?

4. Rhode Island Dept. of Health: Tinder Is Giving Everyone STDs

3. Newport’s Best Wedding Proposal Yet?

2. Local Lobster Roll Named One Of The Best In New England

…and the top story of the week?

1. Newport, RI Lobster Roll Makes America’s Top 30

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