Best Of The Blast: Nov 29 -Dec 12

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This holiday season, we bring you Newport, RI’s naughty, nice and festive.

If we can give you any great advice about Christmas time in Newport, it’s to make the most of it, because the collective seasonal affective disorder that is January is coming and it’s probably going to bring a whole lot of snow with it…and there isn’t a whole lot of festive decor to cheer everyone up then.

Of course, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that everyone is on their best behavior, but when they get caught…oh, what a laugh.

Anyhow, here are the top 10 posts from the last two weeks…

10. The Sluttiest States: How Does Rhode Island Rank?

9. Aaron Hernandez Has Something He Wants To Stick In You

8. Rhode Island’s Self-Esteem Problem

7. What Happened UNDER The WJAR 10 Newsdesk Got An Anchor Suspended

6. RI’s Richard Hatch Returning To Reality TV

5. Bill Belichick’s WTF Moment

4. ODBC Playlist #1

3. WHY Thames Street Kitchen Is Closing

2. Do You Know These Shoplifters Caught On Tape At Bridge Liquors?

And the top post is…

1. Gronk Texting Edelman A Happy Hanukkah Is Holiday Magic

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