Best Of The Blast: November 15-21

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Last week in Newport, RI, a lot of people enjoyed some blasts from the past.

It’s always interesting when random old posts that have been quiet for a while suddenly come back to life and go on a rampage through the internets. This week, that happened a couple times, the first with a post we wrote on ISIS back in March…and again with a story from last November about an unfortunate incident near the Connell Highway Stop & Shop.

Otherwise, we find ourselves covering a lot of stories about one of Newport’s primary economic drivers; its restaurants. Last weekend, one of the city’s most revered spots, TSK, announced it was closing its doors at the end of the year, and it turned out that a lot of our readers wanted to know why.

Likewise, for those of you who haven’t been able to make it to a Battle Chefs event at The Revolving Door Restaurant, keep enjoying our video recaps and hopefully we’ll see you down there for a fight or two.

Anyhow…here is our top ten posts of the week:

10. Thirty Years Ago Today, Calvin And Hobbes Started With This Strip

9. What Happened UNDER The WJAR 10 Newsdesk Got An Anchor Suspended

8. HOLY MACKEREL!!! Battle Chefs Week 3 Recap (Video)

7. Midtown Vs Malt In Serious Kitchen Brawl (Video)

6. How To Troll Guy Fieri Like A Champ


4. Deuce Dropped In Front Of Newport Stop & Shop

3. Ten Spots To Hit During Newport Restaurant Week

2. Why The ISIS Threat Against Newport Has Us Laughing

and the top post of the week…

1. WHY Thames Street Kitchen Is Closing

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