Best Of The Blast: November 16-22

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This week was great for drinkers, Gronk, would-be historians and everyone in Newport who didn’t assault a pregnant woman.

This week marked our biggest week ever…and our biggest post was finally some (mostly) original content.

10. Some Great News About Your Drinking Problem

9. Make Moves With Studio Barre Newport!

8. Gronk Bounces Sergio Brown ‘Out Of The Club’

7. The Pros And Cons Of A Winter Cling

6. See Newport and Rhode Island Through 1947’s Eyes

5. Some Observational Humor About Gender Differences

4. Craigslist Ad Reveals The Horrors Of Hot Yoga

3. Dear Resident Of Apt 12, Your Neighbor Hates Your Boyfriend

2. Life In World War 2 Newport

…and it’s probably no surprise to everyone who saw all their friends sharing the biggest/worst news in Newport in a while…

1. Deuce Dropped In Front Of Newport Stop & Shop

Thanks for all your support.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Newport Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?