Best Of The Blast: November 2-8

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John Oliver, Sex, Tom Brady and one little shop on Spring Street.

It’s been been a big week in Newport and the country. Election day brought some big changes to the governments of our country, state and city. What changes this means for our citizenry remains to be determined, but if past experience is anything to go by, change will be slow and gradual and done in such a fashion that will leave most folks unsatisfied.

Anyway, it turns out that talking about politics after an election is pretty boring. Fortunately, we have our top ten posts of the last week to keep you entertained.

10. This Super Slow-Motion Surfing Video Draws Amazing Split-Seconds Into Minutes

9. Newport Bumfight…In Front Of The Police Station

8. When It Comes To Most Adorable Fan, The Bruins Win

7. Science Has Determined The Catchiest Song Ever

6. Maison DNA Crashes Newport’s Style Scene

5. Sex…Call Of Duty-Style

4. Westport Man’s Rampage Looks Crazy…Until You See What Happened In Colorado

3. Tom Brady Asks Gronk What We’ve All Been Wondering…

2. Newport, RI Starbucks Goes All ‘Desperate Housewives’


1. John Oliver: “We Just Hit Peak Rhode Island”

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Editor

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