Best Of The Blast: Oct. 26-Nov.1

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Remember when it was sunny and 70 degrees?

It seems like yesterday that the weather wasn’t absolutely crap, but it was actually Thursday. Kind of a lot has happened since then, mostly in the form of people ringing your doorbell to ask for candy…or your vote. The weather conspired to make either of those endeavors rather unattractive. If you’ve found yourself staring at all the candy you didn’t hand out to trick-or-treaters, distract yourself with the top 10 Blast stories of the week…

10. IT’S HERE: The Parody Fireball Video You’ve Been Waiting For

9. Is Rose Island Haunted? What About The Newport Tower?

8. Coming Soon To A Wedding Near You: The Fireball Cam

7. How Do Conde Nast Readers Rank Newport, RI?

6. LeVar Burton Reads ‘Go The F**k to Sleep’ (NSFW)

5. Newport’s Revolving Door Hits The Rhode Show

4. The Best Cartoon The New Yorker Never Published? Probably.

3. A Boy And His Drone Visit Newport, RI’s First Beach

2. Speed Dating In Newport

And the biggest story of the week?

1. Newport Bumfight…In Front Of The Police Station

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