Best Of The Blast: Sept. 27-Oct. 3

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Last week, Facebook showed us a whole lot of dickpics, everyone posted a copyright meme from January (and a dozen times before that) and we learned how one Rhode Island news anchor lets his displeasure known.

While it looks like Hurricane Joaquin won’t, fall has arrived in Newport, RI.  We’re probably suffering suffering from seasonal affective disorder, but hearing rain and wind first thing when we wake up has really taken us off stride. Of course, 40-something degree weather is, as the first three months of this year taught us…is just the beginning of something that most of us aren’t going to enjoy very much. Our apologies, as we have no idea how to fix the problem that is “winter”.

Autumn does give us a few things to look forward to that everyone was too busy for during the summer. Just this week, we have the Broadway Allstars’ Chef Challenge, the Rogue Island Comedy Festival and Slim Possible’s 3 Year Anniversary!

That said, here were the stories you loved this week!

10. Why Is Facebook Suggesting That We Friend Gay Pornographers?

9. Calling All Newport Phish Fans!

8. Dolphins Return To Newport Harbor (Video)

7. Five Ways The Patriots Were Obviously Cheating Against The Steelers

6. Clickhole Asks “Do You Know The Appropriate Amount About Rhode Island?”

5. Where Is Hurricane Joaquin Going?

4. NY Times Declares That Police And Military Can’t Be “Modern Men”

3. Tonight Pour Judgement Taps One Of Dogfish Head’s Rarest (And Most Bizarre) Beers

2. Please Don’t Copy And Paste That ‘Copyright’ Facebook Message…Again

…and the biggest story of the week:

  1. What Happened UNDER The WJAR 10 Newsdesk Got An Anchor Suspended

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