Best Of The Blast: Sept 6-12

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Last week in Newport: Drivers were bad, people were unfriendly and someone was in the wrong place at the wrong time…when they decided to sexually assault a women.

The summer season is OVER! We’ve done the annual Day-After-Labor-Day crash-and-burn, where Newport business owners are left wondering if the Rapture had occurred overnight. Now, we’re in the new normal of weekend day-trippers and cruise ships to keep things going while it’s still warm.

That said, things are just getting more…interesting. Football season started with a bang Thursday night, with the Patriots beating the Steelers in the season opener. The game hadn’t even finished before new allegations of cheating began. We examined five different ways that the Patriots don’t play fair…and so did a whole lot of our readers.

Anyhow, here are the top 10 posts of the week…

10. There Is A “Florida Man” Documentary And We Have It!

9. Who Actually Has The Worst Drivers: MA or CT or RI?

8. Before This Band Plays Newport, See What They Did To A NY Subway Station (Video)

7. Someone Visited Newport’s Cliff Walk And Was NOT Impressed

6. Why Newport Is So Unfriendly: Our Scapegoats

5. Let’s Keep The “Block” In Block Island

4. Murder In Portsmouth

3. Dear Resident Of Apt 12, Your Neighbor Hates Your Boyfriend

2. Newport: Feel Free To Molest This Woman

…and the biggest post of the week?

1. Five Ways The Patriots Were Obviously Cheating Against The Steelers

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