Best Of The Blast: September 13-19

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Last week, we were raided by pirates, learned about new bathroom technology and discovered a bunch of dead Irishmen.

The Boat Show is in the can and Pineapples is closing, which means that the summer is really and truly over. That said, things in Newport continue to be…interesting. With the end of the summer season, Newport’s population becomes a bit less chaotic. We’ve got our Salve students, our SWOS students, our War College students and our day trippers. The biggest wild card is the cruise ship passengers, though the biggest variability they bring is their tipping traditions.

10. Why Newport Is So Unfriendly: Our Scapegoats

9. 5 Worst Places To Have A Threesome In Newport, RI

8. Newport Is About To Be Plundered By The Dread Crew of Oddwood!!!

7. If You’re Going To Steal From Whole Foods, Make Sure You Get The Good Stuff

6. The New Bathroom Technology Newport, RI Nightspots Need…Yesterday

5. It’s True: Newporters (And New Englanders) Drink More Than Most Of The Country

4. One Sure Way To Make Dating In Newport That Much Harder

3. Five Ways The Patriots Were Obviously Cheating Against The Steelers

2. Newport Music Venue Has Throwback Name Change

and the biggest post of the week…

  1. Rhode Island Woman Discovers Long-Lost Irish Cemetery

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