Bicyclist Intentionally Run Down By Green Minivan Near Rogers High School

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After hitting bike, the vehicle sped off with four young men inside.

If you see four young men in a green minivan who look like they’re up to no good, you might want to give the Newport Police a call. A Newport woman said she was was knocked off her bicycle earlier today.

Was just deliberately run off the road by a dark green minivan near Rogers high school on the way to ocean drive on my bicycle. Was knocked off my bicycle but did not manage to get a license plate number. there were four young man in the car. Cyclists stay alert and aware of your surroundings. It’s a rough year in Newport. Something needs to be said or done.

It was clear to her that this was no accident.

No physical harm only my nerves that were shaken! Just so y’all know they made contact with my bicycle, then pulled over in front of me once I was off the bicycle, the young man in the passenger side was laughing. Then they sped off. A police report has been filed, I just want everyone to be safe out there.

If you have any tips for the police, give them a call at (401) 847-1306.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Bike Correspondent

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