Bill Belichick’s WTF Moment

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The Patriots coach got just a little frustrated at the end of Sunday night’s game.

As we’ve already established, Tom Brady doesn’t swear like a sailor, sailors swear like Tom Brady. Now we’re learning a possible source of all that salty language…or an indication that he’s been rubbing off on Bill Belichick. Late in Sunday night’s game, the referees ordered 40 seconds be put on the game clock. There was some confusion as to whether that game clock was supposed to start the moment they added the time, at least among the Patriots coaching staff, resulting in this outburst from the typically more sullen Belichick.

Belichick WTF

Given a whole bunch of ref calls during a game which included an injured Rob Gronkowski being carted off the field, Belichick’s outburst perfectly reflected the reaction of a whole bunch of Patriots fans to their 30-24 loss the the Broncos.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pigskin Correspondent

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