Blue Angels On Ice Goes Badly (Video)

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F/A-18D slides off Brunswick, Maine runway.

The Navy flight demonstration team The Blue Angels is known for their amazing precision in the air, but it appears their incredible flying abilities have a kryptonite: Frozen Water.

That’s right, Blue Angels 7, interestingly enough the 2-seater which is typically home to the team’s narrator, does what can only be described as a slow donut as it slides off the runway. If only we could have heard the narration as the pilots took a big gamble with a $30 million plane.

WCSH6 reports that save the embarrassment, both the crew and plane were unhurt.

The jet ended up on the grass and the pilot had to kill the jet engines. Airport crews towed the plane out of the dirt and back onto the runway. No one was injured and the plane was not damaged. o

The Blue Angels returned to Maine to promote the fact that the Great State of Maine Air Show is returning on Labor Day of 2015.

While the Blue Angels tour the country, that’s during the summer season. Their home base in Pensacola, Florida and a winter training spot at Naval Air Facility El Centro in southern California, mean that they don’t normally experience much ice in the course of operations.  Next time, Jack, write a goddamn memo.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Aviation Correspondent

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