Boodles And Boodles Of Gin: Cocktail Wars IV Week 3

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Juniper was in the house Sunday night at the Gas Lamp Grille.

The third week of Cocktail Wars was a bit different. For one thing, the judges were all from off-island. And overall, this group of contestants was a bit less experienced than what we saw in the last two weeks. Oddly enough, we thought this introduced a bit of unpredictability into the competition.

The liquor of the night was Boodles Gin. In the right hands, gin is one of our favorite base liquors in a cocktail. If we’re visiting Jason Kindness at the Revolving Door or Corey Hayes at Fluke, gin rivals mezcal as a starting point for what is likely one of the best beverages available in Newport. Unfortunately, it does come with a bit of a learning curve, because a bad gin drink is…well, the reason that younger folks tend to avoid the stuff like it’s liver and onions.

Fortunately the drinks were great, the contestants had a great time (especially those who arrived with an entourage called “Team Dani”), the crowd was just a little excited and everyone showed up ready to have a great time.

Come down for the fourth and final preliminary round Sunday, November 6. Action starts at the Gas Lamp Grille at 10pm!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cocktail Correspondent

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