Boston One Step Closer To Not Avoiding 2024 Summer Olympics

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The US Olympic Committee made it’s pick today and Boston got the short straw.

Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC have all avoided wasting a huge amount of time and money building a bunch of stadiums they don’t need by not being selected by the US Olympic committee as America’s bid for the 2024 Olympics. Boston, however, was not so lucky. Its selection means that it will be host to a bunch of unsavory and incredibly corrupt members of the IOC and will have to make sure no one offers them any bribes or kickbacks, lest the city get selected and have to bear a whole bunch of stupid costs that could easily just be handed off to some Third World sprawl with self-esteem issues.

Boston loves its sports, but does it really want hundreds of thousands of foreigners milling around when we’re putting a lot of effort into trying…desperately…to enjoy the NFL pre-season?

And rent in Boston is high enough as it is. What’s going to happen when the city starts levelling blocks to build athletic facilities.

The worst part is that after dealing with the sliminess of the International Olympic Committee, then a massive surge of construction from the people who brought you The Big Dig, then Boston gets two weeks of attention (here in the US from NBC, who loses money on the deal)…and then you know what the city gets out of it?

It becomes an answer in pub trivia.

It’s true. Cities that host the Olympics become so well-known to the world that the knowledge is considered to be something that most people won’t retain, barring a terrorist attack.

For a city world-renowned for its intellect, it’s embarrassing to have Boston’s name associated with a venture that’s such a guaranteed money-loser. It’s like learning that Stephen Hawkings is going to lose his life savings playing video poker.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sports Correspondent

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