Boston Protesters Discover Dishing It Out Is A Lot Easier Than Taking It

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For a group that wanted attention, they’re not enjoying the public gaze.

A group of social justice warriors decided to bring attention to their cause by handcuffing themselves to barrels on I-93 this week, but it appears they aren’t prepared to deal with the media attention such an activity brings. It’s almost as if they don’t like it when someone just shows up and interferes with their day to day lives.

When WBZ-TV reporter Ken MacLeod went looking for a few of the protesters but found little but a demand for respect of trespassing laws.

First he went looking for Mark Schwaller, who’d plead not guilty to trespassing, throwing glass on a public way, willfully obstructing an emergency vehicle, conspiracy, disorderly conduct and throwing an object on a public way.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod went to Schwaller’s apartment in Jamaica Plain hoping for some perspective. He didn’t get that but he did get tossed by another man there.

“I need you to leave our property immediately,” the man said. “I’m sorry that’s all I have to say.”

Next, MacLeod went looking for Nicole Sullivan, where he got a similar reaction.

In Somerville, MacLeod buzzed the apartment door of protester Nicole Sullivan. On the intercom, a man said, “This is harassment please leave.”

A trip to upscale Brookline to where Jim Billman “cohabitates” with his parents continued the trend.

“He’s not here actually,” a female voice said through the door. “He’s not giving any interviews. Please go away.”

If only the WBZ-TV news team had put on some adult diapers and handcuffed themselves to cement-filling barrels at the front doors of these homes, they could have let these people know that they mean business. Unfortunately, all that “self-respect” and “dignity” that’s all too common in today’s news professionals meant they let “property rights” and “the law” get in the way of a good story.

mckennaThe only protester willing to speak on camera was Noah McKenna (aka Terl), who MacLeod found at his parent’s luxurious home (Anyone noticing another trend here?)

For those of you who might want to rant about rich parents subsidizing the radical agendas of their wayward offspring be aware that it was not the only way these kids had a roof over their heads.

One protester was a Youth Communications Specialist with the Department of Youth Engagement and Employment…at least until all this happened. If there was an example that Boston’s youth don’t need, it’s someone who plays in traffic.

A City of Boston employee was fired on Friday after Mayor Walsh’s office discovered that she had taken part in the protests that shut down I-93 for hours on Thursday morning.

Congrats to Mayor Walsh for fixing that little personnel problem.

As social movements go, this is just a horrible display of just about everything you don’t want a group of urban rebels to be. If they’re going to have the courage to shut down I-93 in rush hour, they should at least have the courage to show their faces on camera and answer a few questions. Likewise, nothing removes the street cred of someone fighting for “The 99%” like living at their parent’s massive house in the Boston suburbs. If they hate “The 1%ers” (aka their parents and that social circle), then don’t take it out on the poor working slobs who have to drive into work every day to make a living.

Just move out.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Juvenile Correspondent

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