Brenton Point To Be Sold For Massive Hotel Complex, Ocean Drive Closing

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Trump budget cuts force state’s hand. Foreign investment company seizes the opportunity.

Due to recent cuts in Trump’s proposed budget, Newport is about to lose one of its most beloved public spaces, Brenton Point and the associated Ocean Drive. Enough federal funding goes into keeping the park open, maintained, and free for all, that the state of Rhode Island is already in the process of selling the property off to the highest bidder.

And we already have an idea of who that might be, and what it might look like.

According to sources, the Dutch private investment group Sloof Lirpa LLC has recently been in town laying the groundwork for a massive 220 suite ultra elite hotel/sports club.

State officials are apparently “open to the idea of selling off a portion of the state road ‘Ocean Drive’ that runs along the southern tip of Brenton Point to make the property more attractive to those who may want it for privacy, or commercial reasons.” effectively cutting the most beautiful area of the Ocean Drive out, and leaving us without a view we’ve come to love.

Take a good look at your photos from the Kite Festival because it will be the last time you’ll see something like this.

Photo Credit: Laura Berg

Never mind all the tourism dollars these places/events bring in. The impact on our local economy would be devastating. Meanwhile rich out of towners enjoy our most beloved and cherished spots, and all the money just goes directly to the state!

How could this happen?

With Teresa Paiva-Weed’s resignation as President the Rhode Island Senate, Newport just lost a powerful political guardian. Sloof Lirpa lobbyists have been all over the State House, greasing all the right palms. According to Smith Hill insiders, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello is a big advocate of the sale of Brenton Point, as he’ll be able to use the additional revenue to eliminate the state’s onerous car tax. Of course, rumor has it, that one of the proposed hotel’s penthouse suite’s already has his name on it. It’s the Rhode Island way.

Thankfully we live in a democracy, and there is something YOU can do to prevent any of this from ever happening. It’s super easy, and a guaranteed way to ensure that this project doesn’t happen, but we have GOT to work together…

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