Brick Alley Pub Featured As A Drag Queen Restaurant On Saturday Night Live

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It’s not even the first time the Brick Alley Pub has appeared on Saturday Night Live.

We haven’t had the chance to ask the Plumbs what “in” they have at NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but they do have a knack for getting the Brick Alley Pub featured on the show. Perhaps Lorne Michaels is just going off of the recommendation Stephen Spielberg left when he was in town shooting Amistad. However they managed it, the Brick Alley Pub got a national feature on the April 14, 2018 episode, hosted by┬áJohn Mulaney.

In the skit, the Brick Alley Pub is set as the scene as a drag queen bar, with John Mulaney as a drag queen waitress who has far more intimate knowledge of one of her guests than she initially lets on.

Goddammit, that’s twice!

Ironically enough, this just follows up on another incident where Newport got some national TV coverage. We just pointed out that Newport was featured on an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, where the St. George’s graduate’s monologue about the college graduation rates in minority Boston neighborhoods heavily favored females was accompanied by some random footage of Bowen’s Wharf shot last summer. In that post, we pointed out that Newport manages to punch above its weight in its ability to capture national TV coverage, referencing that the Brick Alley Pub had been featured on Saturday Night Live back in 2011. That time it was playing host to an overly dramatic All My Children wrap party, featuring Alec Baldwin.

If you’re a Brick Alley Pub regular, you may notice that the spaces where these skits were shot have no likeness to the rooms at the restaurant. If you haven’t figured it out, we’ll just let you know that it’s only photos of the Brick that were used in the production of these skits. Everything else was done back at 30 Rock.

But you can still tell your friends “Hey, did you see the third skit on last week’s Saturday Night Live? No, not that one. Wait, it was the one that started with Robert DeNiro. With Ben Stiller. Okay, a few skits after that there was a restaurant featured. Well, we eat there!”

If you’ve never been, it’s well worth the wait. Check out their website here.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Brick Alley Correspondent

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