Bridezilla Heading For Newport’s Rosecliff Mansion

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Everyone wants a wedding at a Newport mansion, even those priming themselves up to become the most monstrous of brides.

We’d like to start off by saying that Rosecliff Mansion is an amazing venue and if you have the means, it’s the perfect spot to have your Newport wedding. As wedding venues go, however, it is very pricey. We know quite a few people who have gotten married in Newport County. A lot of them checked out Rosecliff. Then they saw the price tag and slowly backed away. Essentially, a wedding at Rosecliff is like owning a Ferrari: You can never “just afford” a Ferrari.

What is Bridezilla?

“Bridezilla” is the phenomenon where the stresses of planning, preparing and managing one’s wedding starts to fill a young bride with uncontrollable rage that can suddenly be directed at anyone and everyone in her presence. There’s an incredible allure for a bride-to-be to have a perfect day where all of here friends and family are there to witness that she’s pulled a real life together with a man and the ability to pay a hefty some so that everyone can dress up and have an extravagant party. Problems start to arise when 20-30 years of expectations encounter some cold, hard realities and they tend to get worse as self-awareness strolls casually towards the emergency exit and then makes a run for it, while “Bridezilla” starts to rise from the cold depths.

Some of the most humble, grounded women we know have described how, in the last days before their rather humble weddings, they could feel Bridezilla rising up inside them. If the stakes get cranked up a bit, mixed with some inferiority complexes and family drama and everyone should just bring some popcorn, because you’re all in for a show.

“Why Being Engaged Sucks”

This was the article we saw in Huffington Post where the author, a young woman who’s the “CEO” of two companies and doing alright…but not nearly as well as she feels she needs to present herself as doing. She grew up in a middle-class household in a wealthy community, and, as a result, has a chip on her shoulder and something to prove which should make being around this young lady’s wedding preparation an absolute dream.

My parents owned a dry cleaning business and we were always tight with money. They had to sell the home we grew up in, just to put my sister and I through college. I remember in college a girl asking me, “So what do your parents do?” I felt a need to show off, so I lied and said, “They own a line of dry cleaning businesses all over Boston.” I was pretty disgusted at myself for lying, but felt like I had to keep up with some sort of “wealthy girl from Boston image.” We ended up being good friends and I still never had the courage to tell her the truth.

So we’ve got someone who is maintaining a facade with their best friends. That’s somewhat scary in its own right. But moving on, they’ve started looking at wedding venues and discovered Newport’s Rosecliff Mansion.

So this past weekend, we started looking at wedding venues. I of course, fell in love with the most expensive venue, Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. I have envisioned that Jackie O. type of wedding my entire life and it finally felt close enough to touch! But when we were looking around, I could tell that my fiance wasn’t that into it, but I knew, at the end of the day, I could convince him, and I could convince vendors to help us make it happen with a much smaller budget than what it takes to actually have a wedding at their property.

Now we know a lot of people who work as wedding vendors. Many of them are willing to cut corners and work with people who have a small wedding budget. That said “Can you hook us up because most of our budget is going to pay for the most opulent location we could find?” isn’t going to fly with everyone else. So those stresses are going to start  mounting early on as this bachelorette tries to put together a “Jackie O.” wedding on a Patrick Kennedy budget. It puts everything on the kind of trajectory that leads to “Bride arrested at her own wedding” headlines.

But then she drops this truth bomb for the world to see of Huffington Post, which is supposed to achieve some kind of end? All very confusing. We’re just confident that, while we’re sure that Rosecliff has seen its share of Bridezillas over the years, the forecast has at least one more on the way.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Wedding Correspondent

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