Broadway’s Quirkiest Bar Decor

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Newport’s most off-beat street keeps it real.

Once, in a debate about what defines a dive bar, a friend told us that the only decorations could those provided by liquor distributors.

Meanwhile, most high-end bars and restaurants go for a refined, though often slightly sterile, style, be it traditional or contemporary.

Fortunately, for those of us who like our environments a bit more “interesting”, the bars of Broadway have stood before these traditions, done an about-face and collectively dropped trou.

For the uninitiated, Broadway has always been the area with the most character. It has been where the locals hang out. If you wanted to go out in the summer and avoid the crowds of downtown Thames, Broadway was your spot. If you wanted to go out on a weeknight in the winter and actually find some friends, there you go.

Of course, like most of Newport, it has evolved. The real shady dives(starting with the River Belle) are gone, replaced with an ever improving batch of hip restaurants and nightspots who like to show a little sense of humor.

Let’s get started…


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