Brown Bag Drinking In Jamestown

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What people are drinking on the street.

Jamestown is an interesting spot. It’s kind of a hybrid of Newport…and Little Compton. It’s very green…and white…but there is a nightlife of sorts. It’s kind of like the nightlife of Newport…if you remove the bachelorette parties, Jersey Shore-wannabes, Salve students and the rest of the 90% that WASPy 50-somethings with means would consider “uncouth”.

But, as we’ve just learned, being upper-crust doesn’t stop Jamestown from having a brown-bag drinking scene. It just means that what’s being drunk on the street is in keeping with the character of the rest of the community. Typically, people drinking out of a brown bag are going low-cost, high-octane. We’re talking Old English malt liquor or Four Loko. If you’re paying more than $3.50 to get drunk, you’re doing it wrong.

Naturally, Jamestown has to do it their way. Here we see evidence of Jamestown brown-bagging, as discovered by Chef Matt MacCartney (recently named Food & Wine‘s Regional Best New Chef) outside Jamestown FiSH

That’s a bottle of Veuve Clicquot ($49.99 at Bridge Liquors).

It just goes to show that just because you’re drinking out on the street, doesn’t mean that the whole experience has to be classless.

As this was written, we have received no word whether Jamestown Police have launched an investigation, deployed their CSI unit, called a press conference or have any suspects or persons of interest in the case of open container law violations.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Liquor Correspondent

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