BUSTED!!! F & R Auto Hasn’t Actually Fired Anyone

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“Terminated” employee told to sit tight while this all “blows over”.

The young woman known as the “lady in the green hat”, actually named Lucy, called Fun107 this morning to give her side of the world’s most notorious pizza delivery. You can listen to the call here.

If you’ve read the apology from F & R Auto Sales’ General Manager Gary Batista you know that he announced that  “THE ACTIONS OF THE FEMALE LED TO HER TERMINATION”, while Lucy said that she was told to go home until this all blows over next week. Now no one is returning her calls so she took it upon herself to throw everyone under the bus and telling the world that she’s quit job she was “fired” from.

At this point, it’s only too clear that the people of Massachusetts’ South Coast have no option but to declare “Shenanigans!” on F & R Auto Sales.

On the bright side, this is all going to make for an amazing case study in corporate crisis management for some lucky UMass Dartmouth business professor.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Shenanigans Correspondent

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