At Caleb & Broad, Revenge Is A Dish Best Served…Rich

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After spending months as the butt of bartender Tyler Bernadyn’s online jokes, owner Rich Willis set out on an elaborate plan to get payback.

As most customers at Newport’s Caleb & Broad know, Mondays nights feature two things, $10 entrees and Tyler Bernadyn behind the bar. To help ensure that his tip jar gets full, Tyler has brought his amateur marketing┬áskills to bear, in a weekly post where Rich Willis finds himself Photoshopped into something a bit bizarre.

For example:20160808_213257000_iOS

Now, Rich Willis is as good-natured a restaurant owner as can be found in Newport, but that doesn’t mean that he’s just going to take this all lying down.

So he started stalking Tyler’s Facebook profile for old, embarrassing photographs. Then he talked to his friends and ex-girlfriends and asked them for any awkward pics they might have been sitting on, waiting for a rainy day or blackmail opportunity.

Once he had them collected, he got them printed up as Instagram photos on t-shirts.

Tyler Bernadyn Instagram tshirts

Then, tonight, the staff at Caleb & Broad changed “uniforms” mid-shift, so Tyler got to work with a sea of his life’s more embarrassing moments.

Here’s the money shot…

And naturally, Rich posted it up on Facebook…

Rich Willis Revenge

So, everyone remember, you can bust Rich Willis’ chops all you want, but realize that you’re risking a brutal level of embarrassment. Fortunately, you can take comfort that you’ll also be able to point out the grammatical errors whenever Rich uses the written word against you.

That said, we can’t wait to see what Tyler’s response will be.

Caleb & Broad Crew with Tyler

In the meantime, stop by tonight to see all the unique places that Tyler Bernadyn has passed out on…all over the Caleb & Broad staff.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Revenge Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?