Camacho Responds To Gun Control Attack

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Newport City Councilor Marco Camacho took to Facebook after Maura Lindsay attacked him in the opinion section in a daily Newport paper.

It’s four days to Election Day, so all the dirtiness of politics is going to be on display in the next 72 hours. It’s going to be a great time…if you’re into character assassination, baseless charges and rumor-mongering. Marco Camacho is running for re-election as First Ward councilor. At 1:20pm on Friday, he posted the following image of a newspaper post, along with his response:


Shame on you Maura Lindsay for writing such a false and deliberately misleading letter to the paper. Folks, Ms Lindsay represents an extremist anti-gun position. Her own written words from our email exchange in 2013 are: “Semi-automatics are assault weapons meant to do nothing other than kill humans on a large scale…..thats why they were created. Law abiding citizen owner or not. There is no use for them on our streets or in our houses.”
Now, read the Patch article from this October 14th where MY friend had to defend himself, his wife, and three small children from a maniac. The only thing that stood between that maniac and his family being attacked was the locked front door and his 9mm Beretta. A home defense weapon Maura Lindsay demands I take from you law abiding citizens. NEVER!!!!

Now, just a few pointers.

  • Gun control is an issue the city government has traditionally left the the state and Federal government. Given the city’s wariness of triggering a lawsuit from a band of panhandlers and the ALCU, it’s unlikely the city council is going to want to touch a measure that would set them against local gun owners and the NRA (who can literally send lawyers, guns and money).
  • Marco is the Newport City Councilor likely most informed on matters of modern firearms, as he served as a Captain in the US Army.
  • A quick glance through local police reports would indicate that knives, not “assault rifles”, are the weapon of choice for Newport’s criminals.

Finally, throughout our countries history, and in the last decade and a half in particular, the country has witnessed what government overreach in response to a crisis can mean for our civil liberties. It’s all too easy for our public servants to jump on the bandwagon in response to a tragedy. In response to Sandy Hook, New York State’s legislature rushed to ban all magazines over 7-rounds…and in the process made it illegal for the whole state’s law enforcement police forces to carry their standard issue handguns. Regardless of where one stands on the gun control issue, legislative recklessness and overreach that we’d hope everyone can agree needs to be avoided.

The leadership we’d hope Newporters want should have the cooler head and reasoned restraint that Camacho has demonstrated.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Election Correspondent

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