Only You Can Help Thomas Tew!

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Vote for Newport, RI’s rum in USA Today!

USA Today’s 10Best really likes to nominate Newport (and Aquidneck Island) institutions in their popularity contests. This time around, they’ve nominated Newport Distilling Co. (in the local vernacular it’s more commonly lumped in with its 293 JT Connell Highway roommate, Newport Storm). Yep, the makers of Thomas Tew are up for Best Craft Rum Distillery.

The bad news? As we’re writing this, Brent Ryan and the boys are back at 14th place.

The good news? Voting is open until September 12th(?) so you can vote now (and every 9 hours after that)…and then you can share this with all your friends right away, so they’ll have plenty of time to vote “Tew”!

Who else is nominated? Why do you care? No one who’s been featured on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, that’s who.

Have you voted? Good. Now go reward yourself with a Newport Stormy.

1.5 oz Thomas Tew Rum
4 oz ginger beer
Serve over ice
Garnish with lime wedge

Alternatively, go visit some of Newport’s best craft cocktailers and see what they do with Newport’s local rum.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pirate Correspondent

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