“Can I Sign For That Package?”: When Women Cat Call Men

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Ladies call out men on the street with some odd results.

If you’ve been hiking the Appalachian Trail or somehow completely avoided the Internet this week, you might have been able to avoid the video of a New York actress being cat called 108 times in ten hours of walking Gotham’s streets. It’s been kind of a big deal and received almost 20 million views in two days.

Oddly enough, a week before a group of ladies who work “in the industry” (and we don’t mean restaurants) made their own video of them saying all sorts of terrible objectifications of men. They shout “Show us your abs” to just about every guy who walks by before commenting on the size of their wallets and judging their ability to provide for a family.

It’s terribly offensive in this day and age that a man can be reduced to his earning potential, physique, the price of his automobile and his ability to fix things around the house. Why don’t women care about a man’s sense of humor or his pub trivia abilities? Why is it always about a man’s genetic makeup and ability to provide for offspring and never about the quality of beer that he drinks? It’s gotten to a point where it’s like your fantasy team could kill it for the fifth week in a row and the girl walking past you on the street won’t even care.

It’s 2014, people. A man should be able to walk down the street without women guessing to one another about his profession and telling each other what they could do with his bank account.

In the meantime, we gentlemen will be strapping our wallets to our faces in what’s probably a hopeless bid to get women to look at us in the eyes, for once.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Objectification Correspondent

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