BMW Crashes Into Mama Leone’s

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Car collided with Newport pizzeria last night.

The driver of a BMW 3-series coupe got the whole concept of pizza delivery backwards last night as instead of allowing the pizza to come to them, they went to the pizza in all the wrong ways. They crashed into the front of Mama Leone’s restaurant, giving Newport police and fire a bit of a late night project.

Photographers Lee and Melinda Abney of Hovering Crow Photography were on scene.

Lee Abney Mama Leones

Melina Abney Car Accident Mama Leones 2

BMW Mama Leones

No serious injuries were reported.

Mama Leone’s just had a job fair on March 19th as they are gearing up for the season. Hopefully they’ll be able to effect repairs in short order.

And we can only hope that in the future, the driver will allow the pizza to come to them.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Traffic Correspondent

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