Motorcycle, Marine & Car Stereo Installation…Newport, RI-Style

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Werks Autosound is all about putting a whole lot of music into your car, boat or motorcycle…whatever this thing is:

T-rex trike Newport

When you were a teenager, upgrading your car stereo is a pretty easy affair…and something you really wanted to do, because the only car you could afford was a 1987 Volkswagen Jetta with cardboard speakers that suffered a little too much exposure to the elements when the previous owner left the sunroof open when they went on vacation sometime in the 1990s.

Today, the stock stereos in modern cars are quite a bit better…but also a lot more complicated to upgrade. Not a problem if you’re a single electrical engineer who’s got weekends free to tinker. A bit of an issue if you’re more interested in listening to your amazing audio system than you are in building it.

Fortunately for the residents of Newport County and the rest of Rhode Island, Nick StJohn’s company, Werks Autosound, can take care of your stereo install needs, be they in a car, boat or bike. We’ll let Nick explain a little about himself and his company here.

Car Stereo Installation

As we said above, car stereos have become a lot more complicated, which can make a system upgrade a rather serious endeavor. Twenty years ago, cars simply had a head unit connected to maybe 4 speakers. Today’s automobile systems can have a head unit which is integrated into the car’s HVAC and navigation controls, then running to 3 separate amps powering 15 speakers. It gets a little challenging for the amateur to deconstruct such a system, let alone improve on it. That’s why you hire these guys to take care of the car stereo installation for you.

High-End Sound

The problem with stock car stereos, even if they’re in expensive luxury cars, is that they have historically been where car companies like to cut corners. Car audio has typically been sub-contracted out. This meant the head unit would be made by Pioneer or Alpine…and BMW or Acura or whichever company would be pressuring them to get unit cost down, rather than sound quality up. Things have gotten better in recent years, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

This is why the car stereo aftermarket exists.


It’s always kind of a funny thing to ask these kinds of professional installers what they can do, because they’ve done all sorts of crazy installs…and what they haven’t done, they’re itching to figure out. Werks Autosound knows a way to make everything better.

Working with an experienced fabricator like Nick StJohn means that you’re no longer restricted by your car’s original specs. If your car came with 5.25″ speakers stock and you want to upgrade to 6.5″, Nick can make that fit happen. If you want to have 6 speakers instead of two, that can happen. He can keep your car’s look stock…or a tad outrageous.

Truck door speaker custom install newport ri

That’s just for the mid-range speakers. There’s plenty of options for installs for the tweeters and…

Custom Subwoofer Enclosures

If you’re looking for a lot of bass…and we mean A LOT OF BASS, you’re going to want to talk to these guys about a custom sub enclosure. Subwoofers are kind of a crazy animal and there are a whole lot of options as far as what you can do.  The main limits are just the space you want to dedicate within your vehicle and, honestly, your budget…because the sky’s the limit.

If you don’t want to use your whole trunk, you can have a compact enclosure.

car stereo installation rhode island

If you’re willing to give up some more trunk room, you can get a bit more.

Werks Autosound Custom Sub Enclosure

If you drive a wagon and realize that you never want to use the “wagon part” of the car for anything but bone-crushing bass, you can also go that route.

car stereo installation custom subwoofer enclosure

Like we said, the sky’s the limit. Sometimes way too much is just right.

Marine Stereo Installation

This being Newport, a few of you reading this might own a boat.  We’re guessing that you might want to upgrade your stereo, possibly from “nothing”. The challenge of a boat stereo install is that it becomes a bit more labor intensive. Boats are very involved with a substance called “water” which doesn’t tend to get along with the energy we call “electricity”. This means marine stereo installs are a little bit more complicated (and a bit more expensive) than they tend to be on cars. Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a surprise for boat owners…because they own a boat).

Marine stereo installation rhode island

Once you’re cruising to Block Island with the Miami Vice soundtrack cranked, it will all be worth it.

Custom Marine Stereo Install Rhode Island

Complete Custom Audio

If you’re thinking about upgrading your car, boat or motorcycle’s stereo equipment, trust a professional.

Give Nick at Werks Autosound a call.


If you’re looking for the shop, it’s located at:

1079 Aquidneck Ave
Middletown, RI 02842

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